Diabetes Book

10 Steps to Breaking the System and Beating Type 2 Diabetes

The Problem is…

Our healthcare system and how we treat chronic conditions, specifically type 2 diabetes.

As a type 2 diabetic, what are you told to do?

You are told to control your blood sugar – by finding the right kind and dose of medication. It would be fine if doing this fixed the problem. But it doesn’t. Because of this, you have been told that you will be diabetic for the rest of your life.

This “system” puts you in a tough spot. Whether you want to or not, improving your health and eliminating type 2 diabetes won’t happen by following the standard advice. You must do things differently because elevated blood sugar is not the problem.

Insulin resistance is the problem

Elevated blood sugar is a symptom of that problem! So while you continue to take medication to control your blood sugar, insulin resistance isn’t getting better (in fact, it’s probably getting worse). Which means as soon as your medication runs out, you need a refill or your blood sugar will go up again.

This is why you are in a tough spot as a type 2 diabetic. Nothing you are told to do is aimed at improving insulin resistance. It’s a shame, too. Insulin resistance can be improved with some simple lifestyle changes, but these things can’t be put in a pill and sold at your local pharmacy!

So you are stuck. Following advice that won’t help.

This book was written with all of this in mind!

This book, 10 Steps to Breaking the System and Beating Type 2 Diabetes, was only made possible because of these problems. An increasing frustration at how the system was not helping and a strong desire to show people a better way left me with little choice.

We have a program called the HPI Diabetes Academy. This book, and the 10 Steps included, come directly from that program! The entire objective of the program and this book is to provide you with a step-by-step guide on lifestyle changes you can implement to improve insulin resistance. In the end, your insulin works better, which means your body is better at controlling blood sugar – the natural way, like it is supposed to, not because you took medication.

The table below shows the 10 Steps in the book.

Each of these steps is important for the following reasons:


As a type 2 diabetic, your metabolism is different. You struggle to burn body fat, which causes two problems: 1) It makes losing weight difficult; and, 2) It makes you hungry! This means you struggle to feed your body and seem to constantly fight cravings – not a good combination.

In the book, starting at Step 1, this gets addressed by providing guidelines on what to eat so you can feed your body, decrease hunger and increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Not only that, you can use the food lists to help you choose foods you like and that taste great. Based on regular surveys, 84% of those enrolled in the HPI Diabetes Academy are less hungry by the time they complete Module 2, which is Step 2 in this book!

Just FYI, most of what I tell you to do regarding food is against conventional wisdom. In other words, the recommendations might tell you to eat foods you shouldn’t be eating. That’s okay and don’t worry. Remember, I said you have to do things differently. That includes the food you eat. Besides, everything I tell you to do is based on science, research and what works. And as reminder, the objective of this book is to improve insulin resistance, not to follow bad advice.


Yes, exercise is an important component of health. But you have to exercise so that your body gets better at burning fat, something I mentioned above. Step 6 is on exercise and there are three goals, all of which are geared towards accomplishing this. And in this step, you will also learn why jogging is not a good activity for type 2 diabetics.

Sleep and Stress

You may not realize this but sleep is associated with every chronic condition known to man. Further, elevated blood sugar disrupts our ability to sleep – it blocks the metabolism of melatonin, our main sleep hormone. As a type 2 diabetic, this is a double-whammy. On one hand, you struggle to control blood sugar because you are diabetic. On the other, the stress of all this also contributes to elevated blood sugar. This is why most type 2 diabetics also struggle with sleep deprivation.

That’s the bad news. The good news is the recommendations in this book start reducing blood sugar immediately. This helps the first part of the double-whammy. As you get more comfortable with the recommendations and your insulin resistance improves, this helps with the second part of the double-whammy. Overall, you will start sleeping better.

One more thing to note: Most people that have gone through this program didn’t have to go to bed earlier to sleep better. They needed to change a few things before going to bed, which helped them fall asleep faster. That’s the focus on my recommendations on sleep in this book.

Overall, these 10 Steps work to improve insulin resistance

By continuing to do the same things you do, nothing will change. You may hope and wish for it to change, but it won’t. As I said earlier, you need to do things differently. This book and these 10 steps are “the difference” you need to improve insulin resistance, break out of the system and beat type 2 diabetes.

Print and eBook versions of the book

The book is in the print queue as you read this and there will be four versions available. A print and eBook version will be available in late April or early May of 2017. The other two versions, PDF and Video, are available now!

All four versions of the book can be purchased separately, but between now and December 31, 2016, I have a special offer for you.

For the price of the Video version of the book ($36), you will get the eBook and print versions when they become available and you will get the PDF and Video version today! See the table below.

What’s the difference?

The print, eBook and PDF versions are just what you would expect – the book. The video version of the book includes a video of me covering the recommendations in each of the 10 steps. Additionally, and because of space limitations, I’m able to spend more time explaining things in the videos. There are videos for each step and most of them are 15-20 minutes long.

Not “Just a Book”

Regardless of which version of the book you purchase, you will get more than just a book!

There was A LOT of material I wanted to include in the book but couldn’t. So I did the next best thing! I created a special “bonus section” on our website that includes this material. Along with your purchase of the book, you will get to access all of the bonus material.

This bonus material supplements the book. There are articles you can read that provide more information and explanation. There are forms and handouts you can download and use. For example, in Step 1 I recommend you sit down and do some serious planning before you get started. In the bonus material, there are two additional tools to help: A 3 Tips for Weekly Meal Planning article and a Weekly Meal Planning Guide. Both of these will help you in the planning phase of getting started! There is more. Bonus material for Step 6 includes several additional documents that will help you keep track of your fitness goals and develop an exercise program. Additionally, there are several documents with about 100 different exercises that include pictures showing you how to perform them. The bonus material alone is probably worth the price of the book!

Accessing the bonus material. Once you buy the book, you will be automatically transferred to a page on our website with a form you need to fill out and submit. Once you submit that form, I will email you instructions on downloading the PDF version of the book and creating your account on our website so that you can access the bonus material and video version of the book.

In addition to the above, you will get 1-year of premium support via email. A special email address is listed on the website. Use this at any time to ask us a question. We will respond within one business day.

You can also join our private Facebook group, where you can post questions, get answers, learn more, interact with others and learn what they have done to be successful.

Finally, all members of our private Facebook group can participate in the “going live” videos, where I provide help, support and answer questions about the book. Note: These will start the first week of January. I will alert you via email and the private Facebook group.

So you are getting more than “Just a Book” with your purchase. Beyond that…

I will do everything I can to help you break the system and beat type 2 diabetes!

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you purchase the book, follow the steps and your insulin resistance doesn’t improve, I will refund your money.

This means there is no risk. In fact, the cost of this book is likely less than the co-pay for your medication. So there is no risk for a potentially huge reward!

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